Make a Referral

 We will process your form and book a call with you to request some further information. Based on the outcome of this initial stage, we will later do fully comprehensive assessment.

1. Assessment of Need

The findings and reports from the assessment and initial referral will be discussed with our Care Management Team.

2. Care Management Team Discussion

We will arrange for the referred individual and their relatives to be able to visit the proposed placement or have a virtual tour. 

3. Individual Visits The Proposed Placement

Funding is agreed by the appropriate parties and contracts issued. 

4. Funding agreed

A senior member of staff will conduct a further in-depth assessment either in person or virtually. 

5. In-depth assessment

Based on the outcome of the above steps, along with all the other information gathered in the process, we will create a care plan and activity plan.

6. Develop Care Plan

The Date is set for the move to take place with agreement from all parties and other preparations take place in a timely fashion leading up to the date. 

7. Move-In Date Set

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Make A Referral

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